Laboratory of Evolutionary Genomics

Prof. Evgeny I. Rogaev, Dr.Biol.Sci. (Head)

Laboratory of Evolutionary Genomics is a part of the Department of Human Genetics and Genomics of the VIGG.

Research areas of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genomics include the following:

  • development and implementation of new technologies including  deep or massively parallel sequencing of genomes, epigenomes and cellular transciptomes
  • evolutionary studies of humans and animals using ancient DNA samples
  • genetic analyzes of DNA from historic or forensic samples
  • analysis of the functions and evolution of protein-coding genes and genes of regulatory RNA (non-coding RNA), the role and mechanisms of accelerated molecular evolution and compensatory interactions
  • population-based studies of genes responsible for the behavior and pathological aspects of human behavior
  • identification of the genes of rare hereditary diseases
  • development of cellular and animal models (e.g., nematode  C. elegans) and RNA-based  technologies to model neurodegenerative or regenerative processes
  • genetic research of longevity and diseases of aging.

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Selected publications

Ponomareva NV, Goltsov AY, Kunijeva SS, Scheglova NS, Malina DD, Mitrofanov AA, Boikova TI, Rogaev EI. Age- and genotype-related neurophysiologic reactivity to oxidative stress in healthy adults. // Neurobiol Aging. 2012 Apr;33(4):839.e11-21. PubMed

Mellios N, Galdzicka M, Ginns E, Baker SP, Rogaev E, Xu J, Akbarian S. Gender-Specific Reduction of Estrogen-Sensitive Small RNA, miR-30b, in Subjects With Schizophrenia. // Schizophr Bull. 2010 Aug 23. PubMed

Rogaev E.I., Grigorenko A.P., Faskhutdinova G., Kittler E.L., Moliaka Y.K. Genotype Analysis Identifies the Cause of the "Royal Disease"  // Science. 2009. V. 326, No. 5954. P.817-118. PubMed

Rogaev E.I., Grigorenko A.P., Moliaka Y.K., Faskhutdinova G., Goltsov A., Lahti A., Hildebrandt C., Kittler E.L., Morozova I. Genomic identification in the historical case of the Nicholas II royal family. // Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009. V. 106. No. 13. P. :5258-5263. PubMed

Plotnikova OV, Kondrashov FA, Vlasov PK, Grigorenko AP, Ginter EK, Rogaev EI. Conversion and compensatory evolution of the gamma-crystallin genes and identification of a cataractogenic mutation that reverses the sequence of the human CRYGD gene to an ancestral state. // Am J Hum Genet. 2007; 81(1):32-43. PubMed

Kazantseva A, Goltsov A, Zinchenko R, Grigorenko AP, Abrukova AV, Moliaka YK, Kirillov AG, Guo Z, Lyle S, Ginter EK, Rogaev EI. Human hair growth deficiency is linked to a genetic defect in the phospholipase gene LIPH. // Science. 2006; 314(5801):982-5  PubMed

Rogaev EI, Moliaka YK, Malyarchuk BA, Kondrashov FA, Derenko MV, Chumakov I, Grigorenko AP. Complete Mitochondrial Genome and Phylogeny of Pleistocene Mammoth Mammuthus primigenius. // PLoS Biol. 2006; 4(3):e73. PubMed